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Silent Film Star 30's Peach Slip Night Gown


*Buy and let me know which one you want. I'll change the listing after the first one sells/
you are buying one never worn until this shoot 30's night gown. I have had hundreds of these and this is the first time I have ever found with the original braided belt and both slips have it! the person I purchased from said it was like part of a opening of a true time capsel of a large antique cloths find. The family was also there to let her know about these gowns. Their mother was a widow at a young age and had put these in a time capsel. Some of the nightgowns still had the original store tags on them.
Thie antique nightgowns have all been hand washed to freshen up the nightgowns. These nightgowns are being sold as-is great condition, and they are antiques and a true treasure from the 1920's!

braided rope belt. This garment is made of Satin Dasche. ask me about the tags I have in an envelope in my studio if I can find I'll send with but they are not included. (only if I can find)


Bust- 34
Waist: 28 with a small amount of give
Hips: 36 with a small amount of give
Leght: 54 inches long from shoulder to the floor